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Biocognitive therapy is a unique therapy. It is a mix of Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Cognitive Hypnosis, EFT,Reiki.. 

It is founded upon the human needs that Abraham Maslow developed and inspired by the new psychology of Dr Mario Martinez.

We use a variety of forms of Bio-feedback to help balance mind body and spirit.


The journey we offer will take you into your past just long enough to heal any wounds, clear any debris and help you to feel safe, protected and reassured.


Next we look at your life and what there is to love about it and how that can be developed even more.


When you are all loved up and feeling great. We help you to discover freedom, the freedom to be who you are meant to be and if you choose, to explore new territory.


Naturally and effortlessly you will notice that you have achieved a feeling of peace which is actually a stage beyond that which we all think we need, happiness.


The transition that only a few make is what Nigel terms as the the great BEyonder. It is an option that is there to see. Awareness is it's gate keeper.

 As with all journey's if you get here you have reached your true destination! 

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